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Course Content And Timeframe

Training consists of four modules each of which each provides 25 IU (7. 5 p). Each module contains DVD lessons, literature, tests, exercises and training programs. The titles are:

•  Basic Mental Training
•  Self and Goal image Training
•  Mental strength Training
•  Life-quality Training


The UMT® is designed so that you can complete it in less than one year. UMT® can be completed in six months (185 days), but there are advantages  to not trying to force the pace. It is very beneficial  to extend the course over a longer period of time, to allow time for the important processes of reflection and assimilation thus allowing  knowledge to become skills, etc. If study at a 50% rate, the course takes one year, and two years at 25%.


The introduction is intended to give you an overview of the training and knowledge of the principles underlying this method of study. The purpose of the booklet is to both introduce you to the training, and to provide continuity during training. Hopefully you will complement the book with articles, clippings, notes, etc. Please read the first six  introduction tabs before beginning to read the books, and using the DVDs and training programs. In addition to studying the literature and DVD lessons, train yourself in greater personal, social and professional skills.


Particularly important is that you go through the test portions (Tab 6-Test I) before you start reading and training. In order to properly evaluate changes the education has led to, it is necessary to compare with the base values that you have before training  begins. After the training ends, you will then use the same test (Tab 11-TEST II) and consider the changes it has contributed to.


Training is recorded on CD. The traditional Mental Training is supplemented with what is called the living experience. It regards questions and information related to everyday life, which are answered and then put into practice.


The course contains eight books written by Dr. Uneståhl.


Each module has two DVDs which each contain two lessons. All lectures are recorded at the Mälardalens University. Eskilstuna, Sweden.


You can choose to do the course for your own selfimprovement, without ex- amination, or you can also choose to do the course, and take the examination to obtain a certificate as proof of your approved training. After each module you will do an exam. Each exam consists of non-directed PM writing and a number of tasks, tests, and exercises as well as a number of special tasks.