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Mental Trening UMT

Mental Training Med Meta-Partner

Lars-Eric Uneståhl, PhD., the Founder and President of Scandinavian International University – SIU, is a
great source of inspiration to many people. Dr. Uneståhl  developed Mental Training over a period of many
years, and over 7 000 students have completed his unique distance learning course – Personal Skills Develop-
ment through Mental Training – PUMT. Over the years  many individuals have wished that the course was
available in  languages other than Swedish. Mental Training Sweden AB, has been given the privilege, by Dr.
Uneståhl, to introduce PUMT to the international community, i.e. to many more countries and in multiple
languages. The first language for PUMT to be translated into is English. In its  English version it is called
Uneståhl Mental Training® – UMT®.

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MTS offers distance education to the international community. We are proud and pleased to have been given the rights by Dr. Uneståhl to be fully responsible for UMT®. It is a privilege
to work with a course that has brought
so many positive changes to so many people’s lives.



MTS shares the vision and goal of SIU: »A better world through education and training«.


MTS  works closely with the SIU and Dr. Uneståhl, and we are pleased to have Dr. Uneståhl as an examiner. SIU and MTS issue certificates for UMT® – Certified Mental Training Practitioner.


Dr. Uneståhl started the Swedish model of Mental Training (IMT – Inte- grated Mental Training) in 1969, after 10 years of research on alternative states of consciousness, and the relationship between mind and body at Uppsala University.

Elite Sport

During the 70’s he developed practical training programs together with the Swedish National and Olympic Teams. At the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, he was the only sport psychologist and mental trainer in the Olympic Village. In the 70s and 80s Dr. Uneståhl was invited to introduce the »Swedish model« to many countries around the world including, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, Korea, US and many countries in Europe.Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 10.15.37 AM

Mental Training in Swedish schools

A number of studies were initiated in 1975 to investigate the effect of Mental Training in the field of education from the pre-school to high school levels. After six years of research with very encouraging results, it became part of the national curriculum. This also created international attention, and Dr. Uneståhl was for instance invited to be a visiting professor at Flinders University to introduce the Swedish model in 80 South Australian schools.

Most areas of society

During the 1980s, the application areas of Mental Training were enlarged to most areas of society, e.g. work, business, relationships, etc. Over 50 % of the 100 largest Swedish international companies have used Mental Training in some form. Another important area of application became health care with programs for facilitating changes in behavior such as breaking the smoking habit, weight regulation, sleep improvement, and for emotional control applications such as phobias, anxiety disorders and various stress reactions. IMT was also used as a »complementary medical method« in areas like cancer, preparation for giving birth, preparation for, and post-effects of  surgery, recovery after sports’ injuries, etc. IMT was also shown to be effective in the reatment of tinnitus and chronic pain.